For Incoming StudentsFor Returning Students

Honors Colloquium, Fall 2018
Tuesdays, 5:15-6:30
Rogers Stout 118 or Yoakley Great Room or TBD
Facilitator: Daniel Hedden
Office: 200 Yoakley
Office Hours: M-Th, 10-11 or by appt.
twitter: @danielhedden


Course Webpage:

Course Rationale: For incoming students, this course helps introduce you to ETSU and the Honors community. We will spend time thinking about your academic and personal goals and values; exploring volunteer, social, and other co-curricular opportunities; and building a sense of community within the Honors College. For returning students, Collo provides a nudge for you to continue to develop personally, academically and professionally; foster a sense of community within the Honors College; and volunteer and serve the community. In short, this course is intended to facilitate you doing those things you should, as an Honors student, already be doing.

For Incoming Students:

Requirements for incoming students (Freshmen UHS, Freshmen FPA, Freshmen PHCSS and incoming Midways):

  • Create a blog or website and share the link with me.
  • Attend all classes noted on the calendar that are required for you.
  • Complete a program of study.
  • Complete written exercises for classes–Who are you?, What do I value?, Where am I going?
  • Complete library scavenger hunt.
  • Attend one performance on campus (music, theater, etc.) and write a brief analysis/reflection.
  • Visit one of the museums or galleries on campus (or Tipton gallery downtown) and write a brief analysis/reflection.
  • Attend one (non-class) lecture, workshop, forum, academic club meeting, etc. and write a brief analysis/reflection.
  • Attend one Honors College event (one of the two tailgates (9/2 and Homecoming), Charity Ball, other events TBD) and write a brief analysis/reflection.
  • Complete the volunteer hours required by your program (UHS and Midways, 5 hours; FPAs, 10 hours; PHCSS, 40 hours) and write a brief analysis/reflection on your service.

Due dates for incoming students

  • You should have your blog or website up and running before 9/11.
  • The program of study is due before fall break
  • Written exercises associated with in-class activities are due (posted to your blog) by the next class you are required to attend.
  • Reflections/analyses of things you are required to do outside of class are due (posted to your blog) within one week of the experience.

Creating a blog or website (required for incoming students).

  • The written work for the course (except the program of study and library scavenger hunt) should be posted on your own blog or website. There are many free services that are quick and easy. You might try:,,,, or All of these are free and can be set up in a few minutes.
  • Why on a blog? I’m glad you asked. I think it’s important that what you do and what you learn is not confined between the walls of a classroom or hidden in a D2L dropbox. A lot of learning happens when we make connections with other people. Publicly posting your thoughts and reflections is a way to facilitate that. I hope it also encourages you to think of these assignments as something other than assignments, and as having an audience larger than me. And maybe it’ll encourage you to post other thoughts as well. You’re interesting people. Share that with the world. On a practical level, it should be easier for you and it saves me from having to open hundreds of word or excel files from D2L.
  • What if I don’t want a blog/website? The default assumption is that you will, and that the assignments above will be posted there. This is an opt-out system, not an opt-in one. If, for some reason, you want to opt out, please talk to me about it. Unless I hear from you, I will assume you will be posting things online.

Grading for incoming students

  • There are 11 things you need to do for Collo (activities and accompanying commentary are counted as one thing), plus your volunteer hours. Each thing is worth 1 point. A=11 pts, A-=10 pts, B+=9 pts, B=8 pts, B-=7 pts, C+=6 pts, C=5 pts, C-=4 pts, D=3 pts, F=<3 pts. Volunteer hours will be graded as an ‘A’ or an ‘F’. The volunteer hours and points for other activities will each count for half your grade. 
  • Late assignments will lose .5 point.

For Returning Students

Requirements for Returning Students

  • As we have done in the past, you will be required to devote a certain number of hours to Collo related activities.
  • Those hours can fall under three broad categories: Volunteer, Personal/professional/academic development/enhancement, and Honors community building.
  • You are required to engage in at least five hours of volunteer service (requirements vary by program–UHS and Midway-5; FPA-10; PHCSS-40).
  • The rest of the requirements are largely up to you. You can distribute those hours in the way that makes the most sense and works the best for you.
  • You will submit a brief proposal or sketch of what you plan to do for Collo hours this semester. The goal here is to try to make what you’re doing more coherent, and less like a hodgepodge of unrelated and/or last minute activities. See information below on the Collo contract/proposal.
  • You cannot count things for Collo that you receive credit for in another class or that you are paid to do.

The Collo Contract/Proposal

  • Some people have done this in the past, but now you all will. In the first few weeks of the semester, you will create your own proposal for what you will do in Collo this semester. You should include as many details as you can about what else you plan to do for Collo during the semester, including the proposed number of hours and dates if you have them. This should give you the opportunity to engage in a more sustained project (people have used this in the past to work on grad school applications, creative projects not associated with any class, and more sustained service projects) or to adjust your schedule to avoid being overworked during a particular period of time. The proposal must have my approval in order to be valid. If you submit your proposal and do not hear from me, you should assume it is fine. If it is not fine, I will get in touch with you. Your proposals are due by 9/11. The form is under “forms” at the top of the page.  


  • Your grade in the course will be based on the time you spend doing course-related things.
  • A: 30 hours, A-: 27 hours, B+: 24 hours, B: 21 hours, B-: 18 hours, C: 15 hours. F: < 15 hours
  • These hours apply to your own proposals as well.

Recording and submitting your time

  • You will record your time spent on Collo related activities and submit it every five weeks. You must have a minimum of three hours on each submission.  Any five week period in which you have fewer than three hours will result in a reduction in your final grade by 1/3 (from A to A-, A- to B+, etc.). You can have a maximum of twenty hours per five week period. No hours over twenty will count towards the total. You must have at least five volunteer hours (varies by program) and at least two hours in the other categories (personal development and honors community building (attending honors events, or more generally, doing stuff with other honors students.) Failure to meet the minimum hours in any category will result in a reduction in your final grade by 1/3 for each category that is short of the minimum.
  • You’ll keep track of what you’re doing for Collo on the form available on the Collo website or on your blog if you have one and wish to continue using it. Instructions are on the form, but you will need a google account.
  • These progress reports are due by 11:59 PM ET on Tuesday, 9/25, 10/23, 11/27. Late reports are subject to a ⅓ deduction for each week it’s late.