This week in Collo, 4/25…


  • Tuesday, 4/25, 5:00, Culp Ballroom, Honors Pinning Ceremony. Everyone who is able to come should come to the pinning ceremony to support all of those who are graduating this semester.

Thesis presentation:

  • Tuesday, 4/25, 7:30 pm, Northeast State WRCPA Theater, Alison Jo Gibson, “A Scarlet Ending,” A brief performance followed by Q&A.
  • Thursday, 4/27, 1:00 pm, Great Room, Nathan Spaulding, “Title not given to Hedden, so not reproduced here, but it’s surely awesome and sciency.”

Generally important and useful information: 

  • The final hours report is available on the website or here – It is due 5/4. 
  • For freshmen and 1st-year Midways, you should in some way update me about your Collo projects or (how you’re spending/have spent your 20 hours) by 5/4. If you are blogging, that’s great. If you’re not, you can email me some commentary (or come talk to me in person) about your progress and the number of hours you’ve spent on the various things you’ve done for Collo this semester.

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